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Endures great stress - Easy to maintain
Can have long tension between the poles
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The entrepreneurs behind the
Veshovda Fence System

The inventors of the Veshovda Fence System are true entrepreneurs dedicated to the visions and needs of local farmers keeping the Norwegian countryside alive. We have a deep knowledge of traditional fencing systems and have experienced how simple and innovative our system really is. We sincerely wish to share this experience with you!
Veshovda Fence System is easy to set up and install. The horses have great respect for it. We have never had so maintenance-free fence at the center before. Should we set up or change any fence lines in the future, then this is the system that we will use.

- Roald Sleveland v/skåre ridesenter -
Simply amazing. We set up 10 km fence in very rugged terrain, and it is perfect for this, not least as it was set up in an incredibly short time compared to the normal wire fence. Tight and nice as well. We set this up for cattle.

- Geir Ove Salte Fuglestad Bruk -
We have used Veshovda Fence System to fence in 20 hectares of forest to accommodate forest pigs. As we have total-protected cultural environment, it was important for us to get one fence that works, as well as fit nicely into the surroundings - Veshovda Fence System does that!

- Anders Schanche Rettedal Grisebonde og Sau -
Veshovda Fence is particularly good here in Sirdal where we can get large amounts of snow. With traditional fence, we spent days to take it down in the fall and up again in the spring. Now this is done in a few hours.

- Aadne Ådneram Sauebonde i Øvre Sirdal -
This fence is especially good for goats. Many of us who are working with this, have goats in extremely rugged and steep terrain. At these places this fence system is very easy to set up!

- Geitebonde Halvard Veen -
In the spring of 2013, Veshovda Fence System AS, together with IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger), IPark Dalane AS and the railroad company, conducted a study on the basis of verifying whether Veshovda Fence Systems' new patented fence system meets the railroad companys plan of action for animal collisions and technical regulations for the construction of fences alongside the railway lines, and if the fence system is a future-oriented solution with regard to animal safety, HSE, costs, topography and flexibility.

- Hele studien finner du her -
New fence system
Select height, the number and type of wires, with or without electricity. Distance between the bars and the bar type, is determined by the surface.