Assembly work is reduced by 50-70%
Easy to customize to uneven terrain, roads and streams. few parts
Veshovda konsept

Veshovda Concept

The VESHOVDA Concept includes 2 patented MULTIFUNCTIONAL fencing components and 1 tightening tool, and together they constitute a complete fencing solution.
Veshovda konsept

VeshovdaMAXI - Bracket

The VeshovdaMAXI bracket is a wire and tape holder designed for iron posts with a maximum diameter of 25 mm

In addition, the VeshovdaMAXI brackets can be used as:

  • • Top wire holders for wood posts
  • • Brackets for diagonal braces
  • • Brackets for fence post extensions
  • • Wire tighteners
N.B. We also sell iron posts. For additional information, please contact our dealers

Veshovda konsept

VeshovdaMINI - bracket

The VeshovdaMINI bracket is a wire and tape holder for wood posts and walls. VeshovdaMINI is designed to fit posts of different sizes and shapes. The bracket is attached to the base using wood screws (up to 8 mm diam.).

Both the VeshovdaMAXI bracket and the VeshovdaMINI bracket are intended for wires with a diameter of up to 6 mm, and for tape. They have been designed to endure heavy loads. The brackets are made of a non-conductive material. There are no limitations when it comes to the number of electric wires used.
Veshovda konsept

VeshovdaTension - Tensioning tool

Our tool is specially designed to fit the VeshovdaMAXI bracket
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VeshovdaPRO - Inclined Stag.

VeshovdaPro inclined stag is intended for tall structures and point with a heavy load.
Veshovda konsept

Users and applications

Farmers, grazing partnerships, contractors, and providers of infrastructure services (e.g. railways, roads, and harbours) etc.

The solution is also suitable for maintenance of existing fences. With this fence system, repairs of sections of traditional fences can be carried out easily.
Longer life span than current solutions
No rust problems!